Experience the Power of Nature

Who We Are

Founded by a Gulf War veteran injured in service to his country, Sana is renowned for producing a complete line of hemp products infused with essential oils to maximize the desired benefits. Our U.S. grown hemp is refined and expertly blended with organic essential oils in the Blue Ridge mountains of Tennessee. Our natural production processes help ensure premium quality through traceability from seed to sale. Some of the most potent, pure and powerful natural Hemp extracts on the market today, they can relax, calm, and ease pain. Above all, they are formulated to soothe the mind and body…naturally.


Sana is currently accepting applications for independent agents to represent the product and the brand throughout the United States. We have opportunities available to enterprising individuals or distribution companies who are looking for an opportunity to earn well beyond what they might expect in a commissioned relationship with a company. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships with our agents and to create a limitless opportunity for them to get involved in one of the most exciting and fastest growing industries in the US. If you’re interested in learning more about opportunities with Sana or becoming an independent agent, complete the form on our opportunities page.

Assistance Programs

Sana takes special pride in offering its entire family of pain and stress relief hemp-based products at special discount to individuals who require special assistance. For veterans of the armed forces, to offer our appreciation for your outstanding service to this nation, and help assure you enjoy affordable access to these powerful and highly effective hemp products, we offer special savings of up to 50%. Individuals who require special assistance can contact us directly. We will work with you to create a personal savings plan that’s right for you and your family.

Become a Retailer

You’ll find that stocking and selling Sana products gives you an opportunity to be a part of what is likely the fastest growing, most profitable product category in the world today. Right now, we have opportunities for new retail distributors in locations across the nation. Depending upon your state law, you may be able to open retail operations today. Others may be interested in our deferred “Retailer Guarantee” program, which assures you will be first in line when laws change in your state. Please contact us today for details. There has never been a better time to join the rapidly growing Hemp-based product industry.


Derived from a proprietary and uniquely potent Hemp extract, each Sana product is rich with cannabinoids and remains compliant with the ever-changing, continuously evolving regulatory landscape. All of our products are made using only state legal hemp flowers that meet the guidelines set forth by both state and federal regulators. Therefore, we do not make any claims, warranties or representations about our products. Many companies will do that, but we will not. We also do not post customer testimonials on our website because that can also be construed as misleading advertising. We encourage you to read about industrial hemp extracts, and determine how they may personally benefit you or someone you love.

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A Message from Sam

Like many veterans, I was desperately seeking relief from the physical pain and the emotional, mental and spiritual trauma of combat. Initially, I sought answers from traditional medicine, but the thought of a lifetime regimen of various prescription pills and their numerous side effects made me feel like I was exchanging one issue for another. It wasn’t until I discovered unique blends of hemp extracts and essential oils that gave me the relief I had spent years of my life looking for. 

The natural relief I discovered was noticeable not just to me, but to my family and friends as well. Soon, they were looking to enjoy the same benefits that I was experiencing. Seeing the same natural relief my loved ones, too, experienced motivated me to spread the joy of what I had discovered to the masses. Thus, Sana was born. I wanted to create an answer to problems that people were experiencing with pain, sleep, focus and relaxation. I wanted them to know that hope for relief from these issues was real and easily attainable. My hope now is that you find the answers you are looking for, and if you do, tell a friend.

Warm Regards,