Assistance Programs

Veteran Assistance

Sana was a developed by a veteran who was looking to find relief from the common pains, both mental and physical, that many of our nation’s veterans experience on a daily basis. In appreciation for your service to our country, we’re extending a 30% discount for all military veterans on all products. Upon proof of service with a valid DD-214 or Military ID, veterans receive the 30% discount on every product available today from Sana.

Service Connected Disability

Veterans with a service connected disability made a sacrifice for our country that few understand. Upon proof of a service connected disability, Sana products are made available at 50% off. This price is actually below our cost to produce each product, and lower than any retail outlet can offer, but it is a small price for us to pay in order to provide you a measure of relief from the sacrifice you have made for our country.

Needs Based Assistance

If you have challenging financial circumstances, low income, or special needs, Sana will work with you individually to come up with a plan that meets your needs and helps assure that you still enjoy the benefits of these uniquely powerful hemp-based products.