Frequently Asked Questions

Are your products legal in all 50 states?

There is much misinformation out there on this issue. There are no extract products derived from industrial hemp that are definitively legal in all 50 states. We can make no warranties or representations that our products are legal everywhere. We encourage you to check your local and state regulations regarding the possession of industrial-hemp derived products.

Can I become a retailer?

We partner with and value retailers that take a proactive role in properly educating consumers about our products and that take advantage of a consultative selling process to help the consumer understand the benefits of our unique combination of CBD and essential oils. For details about becoming a retailer, complete our retailer interest form here.

Which product should I use if I am concerned about a positive drug test?

Sana proudly offers a wide variety of THC-free products. First, check to see the list of drugs being tested for in your situation. If you are concerned about a positive test for typical testing profiles, we recommend purchasing a product from our THC-free line of products.

Do you offer products for pets?

Yes, Sana proudly offers Paws, our pet-friendly sublingual oil for animals with joint pain, overly excited pets or our furry friends who need a break from over stimulation like large crowds, thunder and lightning or fireworks. Check out Paws to learn more.